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  • spools — spuːl v. wind around a cylinder; unwind from around a cylinder; (Computers) send a task to memory or disk (where it will be accessed for processing in the future) n. cylinder around which something is wound (such as thread, rope, etc.) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Karlsson Spools — AB is a Swedish based manufacturer of spools for hydraulic valves that are used in hydraulic machinery. More specifically, the spools are part of directional control valves where the spool slides inside a housing to route hydraulic fluid to… …   Wikipedia

  • Tetrapod Spools — was a Encinitas, California, USA based independent record label founded in Oak Park, Illinois in 1969 by Louie Easley Hanley and Mark Tucker. The label originally released music on reel to reel and cassette, later producing limited edition vinyl… …   Wikipedia

  • sloops — spools …   Anagrams dictionary

  • textile — /teks tuyl, til/, n. 1. any cloth or goods produced by weaving, knitting, or felting. 2. a material, as a fiber or yarn, used in or suitable for weaving: Glass can be used as a textile. adj. 3. woven or capable of being woven: textile fabrics. 4 …   Universalium

  • Fishing reel — A spinning reel A fishing reel is a cylindrical device attached to a fishing rod used in winding the line .[1] Modern fishing reels usually have fittings which make it easier to retrieve the line and deploy ( cast ) it for better accuracy or… …   Wikipedia

  • Wire recording — A Peirce 55 B dictation wire recorder from 1945 …   Wikipedia

  • Movie projector — This article is concerned with technical aspects of moving film projection. For non film movie projection, see digital cinema. For historical aspects, see the article history of cinema. 35 mm movie projector in operation …   Wikipedia

  • Devorah Sperber — is an American installation artist known for creating works out of spools of thread, chenille pipe cleaners and map tacks that act as optical illusions.[1]Some of her work has involved using thousands of spools of thread to create pixilated… …   Wikipedia

  • Magnetic tape sound recording — Klaudia Wilde from the German WDR radio archive with a broadcast tape from 1990 The use of magnetic tape for sound recording originated around 1930. Magnetizable tape revolutionized both the radio broadcast and music recording industries. It did… …   Wikipedia

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